Founded in 1961 by an American physicist by the name of Joel Spira, Lutron was the first company to create a dimmer that could replace the light switch in a standard residential wall box. The key technical innovation was to replace the rheostat with a thyristor, a type of resistor, which had been invented a few years earlier. Because this invention was practical (allowing people to control their lights) and generated less heat and less energy (meaning lower costs), Spira was certain that the energy-saving aspects of his invention would ensure the long-term success of lighting controls; and he was right. 

Lutron continues to be the leader in lighting control and are well known for their ultra-quiet and high-end window shades that operate wirelessly and can be controlled from anywhere in the world. Vega works closely with Lutron to deliver customized lighting control solutions to both the corporate and home market in Japan.