Chief, a brand under Legrand AV Technologies, makes extremely high quality mounts that follow strict manufacturing guidelines. They offer a complete line of mounts, lifts, and accessories for TVs, displays, projectors, and other AV components.
Vega regularly uses Chief mounts for our leading clients due to their superior quality, stabilization technology, and ease of use. Their exclusive design makes it a dream for our installation and maintenance team, with flexible installation options and easy access for servicing.


Furman has been producing high-quality AC power conditioning and distribution products since 1974. Furman’s acclaimed CE line has a complete range of power management products specifically engineered for today’s custom home theatre and audiophile systems. Additional applications include sound reinforcement, professional recording, post production, broadcast, audio/video installation and energy monitoring and management.


Canare manufactures outstanding Pro Audio and Video Cable, 75 Ohm BNC, F and RCA Connectors, Patchbays, Cable Reels, Snake Systems, Assemblies, Crimp Tools and Cable Strippers. Professional broadcast engineers, sound technicians, A/V facility integrators, design consultants and many OEMs rely on Canare’s product range and customer service.

Middle Atlantic

Part of the AV Division of Legrand and founded in 1979, Middle Atlantic manufactures a broad product line of exceptional racks and products for AV Systems. Their racks have unparalleled options, including door styles, fan tops, cable management and a wide range of standard accessories. Their products are made to maximize system reliability and installation efficiency.


Started in Japan in 1951 by Isao Yamaguchi, Libec has a wide range of quality camera products, including g tripod systems, telescopic jib arms, remote heads, and control dollies, tracking rails, slider systems and more. Libec has achieved a reputation not only in Japan, but is respected worldwide as a manufacturer of quality products. Libec is always looking for ways to improve by creating better designed products with weight saving solutions that are superior in functionality, operability, and durability.


Founded in the US in 1996, Netgear provides innovative networking products, storage, and security solutions. Their products cover a wide range of technologies, such as wired and wireless devices for broadband access and network connectivity.