Vega offers a comprehensive range of audio-visual products for use in presentation, audio & video conferencing and control systems to cater for the specific needs of customers.

About Vega

Vega Project K.K is part of Vega Global and allows customers to enjoy Vega’s high level of service and expertise (audio-visual installations, maintenance, distribution and sales) in Japan.

Scope of Work

Vega provides high-quality, on-time project installations of any size in the most demanding of environments – from simple installations to multi-million dollar integration projects, from hospitals to the banking and finance sector.   

Founded in 1986, Vega Technology is the biggest Audio Visual and Video Conference system integrator in the APAC region. Vega Project K.K is part of Vega Global and allows customers to enjoy Vega’s high level of service and expertise (audio-visual installations, maintenance, distribution and sales) in Japan.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Vega has evolved from a distributor of audio-visual equipment to be one of the largest audio-visual products and total solution providers. In just two decades, Vega has successfully diversified its product and service to serve a large customer base of local and international companies known as Vega Global and now has offices in Japan and across the APAC region.

In the late 1980’s Vega became a pioneer by opening a total solution sales office in Shenzhen, in Greater China. In 1999 Vega set up a manufacturing plant and research center in the same region, providing high quality OEM products of the world’s most famous brands. More recently, another branch office has been set up in Macau to take advantage of the rapidly developing business opportunities of that region.

In 2010, Vega expanded its operations into the global market. Branch offices, employing more than 300 staff, were opened in Japan, Singapore, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Australia. With further global expansion, Vega’s aim is to become the foremost multi-national AV company.

Why Vega Project?

  • We value long term partnership with customers
  • Vega Project provides both AV consulting and  integration under the same roof
  • Guaranteed quality with consistent, high quality service across all of Asia.
  • Long history working with all major AV suppliers.

Vega’s Advantage

  • 1 to 2 point management for all APAC projects
  • Local expertise in each region (cultural, vendor expertise, costs, service levels)
  • Fully bilingual staff
  • Close relationships with suppliers in each region.
  • On top of emerging technology and use the most advanced audio-visual equipment available.
  • Highly qualified engineers, technicians, programmers and project managers

Our Vision

  • Proactively introduce the latest technology and know-how to prepare for the future needs of our customers.
  • Strengthen the legitimacy and scale of the industry; set the standard in order to raise the recognised position of the industry, and extend our ideology to the global market
  • Protect our society’s environment by integrating environmental protection concepts into our products and services, as well as in their daily operation

Our Philosophy

In line with the meaning behind the logo, our philosophy is:

 A non-stop developer
We are an ever-growing company, which introduces new technology and know-how to the market; keeps on developing our competitiveness, and promotes our philosophy into the global market.

A quality pursuer
We are not satisfied to simply fulfill customers’ needs, but will strive to exceed their expectations by pursuing higher quality products and services.

A future Innovator
We pledge to be a pioneer in the industry by proactively helping our customers to prepare for their future, even before they themselves become aware of their needs.

Vega Global

Vega is a strongly-staffed enterprise – with over 300 employees, 100 of whom are stationed at our head-quarters in Hong Kong and branch in Macau, Vega has a strong team of technical people who are experts at installation, integration, programming and after-sales repair and maintenance.

Vega also has a large team of trained and experienced on-site audio visual operational staff who can be stationed within your company to provide daily audio visual support.

Vega is a non-stop business developer – we are an ever-growing company, always bringing in state-of-art products and the latest technology, thereby widening our product range and upgrading our technology level to meet our customers’ needs.

We are also constantly expanding our role in direct sales, distribution, project-design and engineering, OEM manufacturing and export sales.